Documentary shot in an Agroforestry workshop by Cooperativa Sitio, in Viseu, Portugal, about all the knowledge and phylosophy that's behind it and the interest of so many people in this way of food production.
Agroforestry (or food forestry) is a production method that proposes, not the creation of a new production environment, but that man, and the agricultural production from which takes advantage, are included in a forest environment. The method is, in its essence, an attempt to imitate nature. In nature most plants live in association with other species, witch they need for a complete and healthy growth.
Ernst advises non-governmental organizations, universities and rural technical assistance agencies in almost all regions of Brazil as well as organizations in Europe and Latin America.

genre documentaries
time 26'07
year 2012
credits Job Leijh
Tânia Carvalho
Sítio Coop