Timeless Room creative media

Our goal is the road that we travel and our vision is shaped by the sound that we hear.

Timeless room is a collective of young enthousiastic and creative people, specialized in various artistic areas like film, music, design, 3D animation and multimedia. It started in 2007 by the name "Filmworks by Job Leijh" in the Netherlands.   Since 2010 Timeless room is also situated in Portugal due to the collaboration between Job Leijh and T├ónia Carvalho.

With films like "Nieuwbouw Rabobank Alkmaar e.o." and "Oelan" it was able to grow and use that growth to start working with other companies like "OK200", "Bleijh concepts and design" and "Soundxpression"  who are specialized in the field of graphic design and music production.

Creating new and not existing realities, is something we want to explore. We've made a lot of films about different subjects and we intent to make many more in the future, with a critic and innovative look.